Internationally-renowned China Tang Coming to Beijing This Spring



In Spring 2021, highly-anticipated fine Chinese dining restaurant China Tang will open in Beijing’s landmark WF Central mall. With deep roots in traditional Chinese culture, China Tang’s exquisite interpretation of Chinese cuisine is the perfect complement to Beijing’s history as China’s most important dynastic capital.

唐人馆——香港置地广场店 China Tang Landmark, Hong Kong


“Our vision is to bring China Tang to culinary capitals around the world so that as many people as possible can experience the intersection of fine Chinese dining and contemporary interior design that we have created. No matter where in the world our journey takes us, we will always place this vision front and centre, while also adapting, where possible, to the preferences of local diners.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ——唐人馆 China Tang

- 品牌理念 Brand Concept –


The Tang dynasty was the heyday of Chinese civilisation, and in the centuries after the Tang dynasty, some Chinese people called themselves “Tang Ren.” No matter where in the world you are, “Tang” has often come to represent Chinese culture, and it is from this that China Tang takes its name.

唐人馆——伦敦店 China Tang at The Dorchester, London

传承中国盛唐文化,香港当地数位名人雅士携手带来唐人馆餐厅,唐人馆旗舰店分别在英国伦敦及在香港最负盛名的金融商圈-置地广场盛大开业。之后,唐人馆再接再厉于九龙海港城添一间分店。2021年, 另外两间新唐人馆分别计划于第一季度和第四季度在北京和雅加达相继开业。

Like Chinatowns around the world, China Tang has become a culinary landmark in both London and Hong Kong. After opening at The Dorchester hotel in London and Landmark in Hong Kong, China Tang opened a third location in Harbour City in Hong Kong’s Kowloon waterfront area. Two further locations are planned for 2021, with the Beijing restaurant opening in spring, followed by a Jakarta restaurant in autumn.  

唐人馆——香港九龙海港城店 China Tang Harbour City, Hong Kong


The food at China Tang draws on thousands of years of Chinese culinary traditions and cooking techniques, incorporating regional flavours from across China and adapted to the taste buds of discerning modern diners. The food is complemented by refined, attentive service.


China Tang represents a revival of the golden age of Chinese dining, a time when diners sought quality and luxury and were constantly on the lookout for new experiences. This is the spirit that has guided China Tang since the beginning.  

- 菜品与酒水 Food and Drink –


From London to Hong Kong and now on to Beijing and Jakarta, China Tang has always been a destination for in-the-know gourmands. Drawing on the culture and aesthetics of Chinese dynastic history, China Tang continues to delight diners around the world with delicious Chinese cuisine in a thoughtfully curated atmosphere.

200318 chinatang13105.jpg


China Tang’s eclectic menu is rooted in Cantonese cuisine and infused with elements of Sichuan and Beijing cuisine. Dishes featured premium ingredients sourced from across the globe prepared using time-honoured techniques. A whole spectrum of flavours — sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy — are brought to life in signature dishes like melt-in-the-mouth char siu pork, crisp Peking duck, and intricate Cantonese dim sum. The food has a modern spin that suits the preferences of modern diners while always remaining respectful of tradition.  


传统的中餐文化中,佳肴须配美酒,唐人馆珍藏各大产区佳酿,更凭借多元的酒单于2019年美国葡萄酒权威杂志《葡萄酒鉴赏家》(Wine Spectator)所授予的最佳卓越奖(Best of Award of Excellence)。

Even the most exquisite food takes on new life when accompanied by fine wines. In 2019, China Tang’s diverse wine list received the “Best of Award of Excellence” by Wine Spectator.

- 餐厅环境 Interior Design -


China Tang’s restaurants are noted for their attentive service and atmosphere of cozy luxury. Wherever they are in the world, guests are instantly transported to a romanticised turn-of-the-century Shanghai by the sophisticated Chinoiserie-inspired decor.


The Beijing restaurant is located on the third floor of WF Central in the Wangfujing business district. The design evokes the symmetry of a traditional Chinese courtyard home, with the decor drawing inspiration from the five elements. China Tang Beijing is the perfect venue for everything from intimate dinners with loved ones to family gatherings and business engagements.


- 地理位置 Location -


China Tang Beijing will be located on the third floor of the west tower of WF Central, a high-end shopping mall located in the Wangfujing commercial district in the centre of the city. WF Central brings together luxury retail, premium dining, and five-star hotels, and has become a new landmark in an area that has been one of Beijing’s most popular for hundreds of years. The towering red walls and glazed tiled roofs of the Forbidden City rise out of the hustings just to the west.



Location and contact details:

307, 3/F, WF Central, 269 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing









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