• 首北兆龙饭店BEI Commune“悦食”健康餐,减脂or增肌,必有一款适合你

    Healthy Food at BEI Zhaolong Hotel, a Joie de Vivre hotel's BEI Commune Dining Space


    首北兆龙饭店的BEI Commune餐饮空间是三里屯潮流腹地拥有室内餐饮空间、户外露台、时尚酒吧、联合办公、轻食柜台等多个服务方式的开放空间。很多人来这里是为了吃一口顺心顺意的北方家常菜,但其实这里是中式和西式菜肴珠联璧合的无国界风格的餐饮美食空间。        
    BEI Commune Dining Space is a much diversified open space, characterized by the indoor dining open venue, an outdoor terrace, a stylish bar, a shareable smart-office space, and grab-and-go food counter. Many people come here to take a bite of northern local homemade food, but in fact, it is a borderless dining space where Chinese and Western dishes are combined.



    美食空间此次特别邀请了营养师指导设计,贴心地按照不同食客的需求,甄选推出两款“悦食”健康减脂套餐和增肌套餐,目标明确也更有针对性。橙色健康减脂套餐是保持身材的人群必点套餐,以铁板牛肉为主,搭配樱桃番茄、彩椒、西兰花、 芦笋、蘑菇、生菜及胡萝卜等新鲜时蔬,以藜麦罗勒香草酱调味,优质蛋白、优质碳水和丰富粗纤维组成的完美搭配,营养均衡又低脂,卡路里仅约1000J,减脂套餐不含饮料,很适合不愿在饮料上摄入过多卡路里的食客,是一款理想的理性减脂套餐。减脂期间不宜多喝果汁饮料,会使身体摄入过多糖分和碳水,如果实在不爱喝白水,不妨来一瓶0卡的VOSS果味苏打水,有柑橘柠檬草和青柠薄荷两种独特天然口味(不含人造成分或甜味剂),细腻的气泡,清爽的口感,让你减脂之旅活力满满。
    Dining space invited a profession nutrition to design healthy set meals to meet different diners’ needs, carefully selected and launched two healthy set meals: the low-fat set meal and muscle-building set meal. These two options help you reach body builder goals; now targets are clearer than ever. The orange low-fat option is a must-have set meal for those who wants to keep in shape through a healthy way. It is mainly based on grilled beef, paired with fresh seasonal vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, lettuce, and carrots, all seasoned with quinoa and basil herb sauce. The perfect combination of high-quality protein and water. Fibers, in order to balance nutrition, and decrease fat intake, with only 1000J calories. The low-fat package does not contain beverages. It is suitable for diners who do not want to consume too many calories in beverages because the intake of too many polysaccharides and carbon water is not recommended to those who want to lose weight. If you really do not like drinking plain water, you may wish to take a bottle of 0 calories VOSS fruity soda water. It is available in two different flavors: citrus lemongrass and lime mint. The unique natural taste (without artificial ingredients or sweeteners), the delicate bubbles, and the refreshing taste make your fat-reducing journey full of vitality.


    The muscle-building package not only controls the calorie intake, but also supplements the proteins needed for muscle bulking. The must-have package is designed for the muscle-building diners. Grilled chicken breast and salad, using high-protein low-fat chicken breast as the main ingredient, with fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, corn kernels, carrots, lettuce, and other fresh vegetables, seasoned with yogurt mint sauce, and low GI buckwheat noodles to provide the perfect amount of carbon water. The set is also paired with a glass of healthy juice, and can also be paired with 0 sugar 0 calories, personalized VOSS fruity soda. This set is about 454J calories, which contains the perfect amount of proteins and energy needed to gain muscles and improve your body strength.

    橙色健康减脂套餐-首北兆龙饭店BEI Commune餐饮空间.jpg

    橙色健康减脂套餐-首北兆龙饭店BEI Commune餐饮空间


    Whether it is fat-reduction or muscle bulking, it is necessary to keep yourself healthy and nutritious to achieve your goals.




    更多详情,请关注首北兆龙饭店官方公众号或拨打电话+8610 8541 0000咨询。
    For more details, please follow the official account of BEI Zhaolong Hotel, a Joie de Vivre hotel or call +8610 8541 0000.


    坐落于北京时尚街区三里屯核心地带,首北兆龙饭店是亚洲首家Joie de Vivre hotel 品牌酒店。焕新后的首北兆龙饭店亮相于2019年10月25日(原兆龙饭店开业于1985年10月25日),拥有202间客房及一家餐厅,其设计现代、简约明亮,拥有202间客房及激发味蕾的BEI Commune餐饮体验。打造乐活生活方式体验的同时又不失本土特色。
    About BEI Zhaolong Hotel, a Joie de Vivre hotel
    BEI Zhaolong Hotel, a Joie de Vivre hotel is the first Joie de Vivre hotel in Asia. The 202-room hotel is a rebirth of the legendary Zhaolong Hotel, which held a significant place in Beijing’s hospitality history since its original opening on the exact same date in 1985.  Following an extensive renovation and re-imagination, the new BEI Zhaolong Hotel brings a fresh, contemporary perspective to the original, iconic property.  Located in the vibrant Sanlitun area, the hotel is the ideal destination for travelers and locals seeking a central hub to joyful lifestyle with local touch in the capital city.











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